Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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Flower Boys sent to hospital

April 7, 2009 | Tags: Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Joon

Kim Hyun-joong and Kim Joon, actors from hit Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, were both admitted into hospitals because of over-exhaustion. Kim Hyun-joong (first on the right) fainted on April 3………

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Lee Min-ho taking Surgery

Actor Lee Min-ho will be having a surgery in June.

He has an iron brace being removed from his leg which he had since his car accident in 2006. He had it put in his leg for fixing it.Lee was planning to have the surgery…


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Kim Jeong-Hoon joins army
April 28, 2009

Korean star Kim Jeong-hoon has joined the Korean army to fulfil his mandatory military service. The ac

tor-singer, famous for his role in drama Princess Hours, was enlisted on April 28 with 800 fans bidding him farewell.


More Romantic Comedy for prime time

Wednesday April 29, 2009 Korea

Starting tonight, viewers will be hard-pressed to settle on a program.

Joining MBC's effervescent "Cinderella Man," SBS' "City Hall" and KBS' "While I Was Looking" are bringing their own blend of romance and comedy to Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The bubbly trio of dramas puts

reality on hold, spinning improbable tales of twins swapping lives, of a romance between a post office worker and a star actress, and of an inexperienced rookie politician who inadvertently becomes mayor.

So which channel will audiences settle on?

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Author Goo Hye-Sun holds fan-signing for Tango
Tuesday May 5, 2009 Korea

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Actress-turned-writer Gu Hye-sun published her novel Tango last month, and it has been selling briskly. The actress is even holding a fan-signing event, which will be held on May 10. It’s doing so well that plans have been announced to adapt the novel to a manhwa as well.The story starts….

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Boys Over Flowers Special edition

Boys Over Flowers' special edition after story part 1 starring Lee Min-ho, Kim Bum & Kim Joon